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At SMPK we employ a unique "thematic" curriculum to teach both Lower and Upper Preschoolers.  The children learn new concepts and academics through a variety of hands-on experiences and interactive learning.  We encourage activities such as science experiments, graphing, cooking projects, painting, drawing, learning games, creative writing, and use of manipulatives. Combined with chapel and Bible stories, we create a well-rounded program for your child. Our students have a daily specials class including Music, Creative Movement, Cultural Exploration, Bible, and STEM.


Our 3K and 4K programs use Handwriting Without Tears, in addition to our thematic curriculum.  It is an introduction to handwriting to strengthen fine motor skills, as well as to develop proper form and structure to writing.


Our Half-day Kindergarten and 1st grade uses a combination of thematic units, Saxon Phonics and Jack and Jilly Reading Program, Saxon Math, and Handwriting Without Tears . Our Kindergarten and 1st grade program encourages hands-on activities as well as building reading, writing, and math skills (Kindergarten/1stgrade tab for more details).

          2 Year old classes:
  • Basic color and shape recognition

  • Beginning Number and Letter recognition 

  • Social skills and classroom routines 

  • 3 Year old classes:
  • Color and shape recognition

  • Number recognition

  • Letter recognition

  • Fine motor skills – cutting with scissors

  •  Handwriting Without Tears curriculum

    4 Year old classes:
  • Advanced shape learning

  • Recognition and sounds of upper and lower case letters; beginning reading skills

  • Math skills 

  • Fine motor skills

  • Handwriting Without Tears curriculum

  • Georgia Performance Standards

  • The Four Blocks Approach – guided reading, self-selected reading, writing, and working with words

  • Saxon Phonics curriculum, Jack and Jill Reading

  • Handwriting Without Tears, as well as Creative writing

  • Saxon Math curriculum and GKIDS standards for Kindergarten math skills

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