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Thank you for your interest in SMPK for your child! You have made an excellent investment in the early education and care for your child. Each of our students is loved, taught, and trained according to his/her individual needs and learning style.  Our teachers and staff are background checked and undergo continuing education in order to maintain a highly-qualified learning environment.

We offer the convenience of registering your child online, as well as completing the registration by paying his/her registration fees.  Please complete the information in the link below, and you will be contacted by email with the assurance of a successful registration.


To reserve your child's space in our program, register by June 01,2021.  Click on the following link to begin.

 Registration for 2021-2022

Your child's registration is completed, and space reserved upon payment. Click on the following link to complete the registration process. 

Complete Registration Payment

Online payments are completed through the Brightwheel system.



Required Forms:

  1. Copy of Birth Certificate

  2. Current Georgia Immunization Form 3231 and/or Affidavit of Religious Objection to Immunization Form (Notarized)


The following  information is for the 2021-2022  school year:

3 year olds

9am – 12pm

3K and 4K Programs

5 Day classes 

Registration $275

Monthly Tuition $250

Annual Tuition  $2500

2 year   olds

9am – 12pm 

2 year olds

3 Day classes 

Tues, Wed, Thurs

Registration $250

Monthly tuition $225

Annual Tuition $2250

Pre K 4

9am – 1:30pm

5 Day Classes

Monday thru Friday

Registration Fee  $275


Monthly tuition  $250

Annual Tuition $2500


9am – 1:30pm

Registration Fee  $300

Curriculum Fee $75

Total Registration $375


Monthly tuition  $300

Annual Tuition $3000

Lunch Bunch

3 year olds.

They will bring a lunch from home and stay until 1:30pm


3 Day Program

$45 monthly

Monday- Friday

$65 monthly